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Are you a six-figure music producer

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I'm Eric DiGiovanni 👋

I'm the only copywriter in music production who's:

1). helped generate multiple six figures for music producers and music production companies like Legion Beats, Anno Domini, DJ Flippp, Midi Money, and Airbit and

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My copy has helped generate multiple six figures for Legion Beats, DJ Flippp, Anno Domini, Airbit, and Midi Money.

I've also written for some of Earth's biggest brands

My copy has helped generate millions in savings and in revenue for brands like Amazon and Hulu.

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Adrian Wood // Gabe Schillinger

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Amazon, Workforce Staffing; Creative Team

Marketing Manager

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Mike Molina

Wunderman Thompson, Hulu

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Brenda Echavarria Angeles

Amazon, Workforce Staffing; Journey Activation Team

Marketing Manager

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Kevin Caputo

Wunderman Thompson, Hulu

Implementation Consultant

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Scott Maynard

Amazon, Workforce Staffing; Creative Team

Studio Designer

"exceptional communication skills"

Carlos Garcia

Amazon, Workforce Staffing; Creative Team

Visual Designer

Get copy for direct-response and/or brand email campaigns

Get copy for ad-hoc and automated emails

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"keen understanding of the business"

Jiwon Chong

Amazon, Workforce Staffing; UX Team

Visual Designer

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Jamie Roussel

Insurance Agent Advantage


Eric DiGiovanni | Diamo LLC